• Davlat and a cow



Success story Tajikistan – Davlat Ganjaraev

Thanks to his determination, Davlat has improved his family life and keeps thinking about new projects to develop.

Davlat Ganjaraev, 34 years old, lives in Zarbdor village with his wife, one child and his old parents. Their living conditions were very difficult, he was unemployed, and he did not have the financial ability to go abroad for labor migration. One day at the market, he heard a conversation of loan officers from MFI HUMO, and once he received information, he decided to apply for a loan to start livestock business.

In August 2015, he got his first loan in the amount of 5,000 TJS. By laboring and making efforts every day, Davlat set aside some profit and renovated his home.
In July 2016, he took a second loan of 8,000 TJS. He bought a pair of young bulls, as well as seeds and fertilizer and simultaneously began farming activities with his family help. As a result, they received a lot of profit and built a new house in a plot of land.

Davlat succeeded in both farming and livestock activities and his family life has changed for the better. He improved their living conditions, renovated an old house of his parents and built another new home. In the future, Davlat who is very ambitious and motivated, also plans to build a new large barn for cattle and open a butcher shop in his village.
"We ourselves are able to improve our living conditions. Sometimes we forget that we are capable to do more," - says Davlat.

Davlat wants to express his gratitude to the staff of "Humo" and MicroWorld lenders for their support. In the future, he plans to get a new loan and expand his business. Currently, animal husbandry in Tajikistan is economically the most profitable sector of agriculture. It is caused by the natural condition of Tajikistan, where 93% of the territory is covered by mountains with good pasture zones.

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