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    The potential of microfinance in Europe

    A growing demand in microlending

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    LH Forum : Interview with Arnaud Ventura

    In a recent interview to the website"Regards d’entrepreneurs", Arnaud Ventura explained in details the meaning of "positive economy".

  • Title your action “Movement for a positive economy” suggest that so far, the economy could only be negative. Why not simply have called it “the new economy”? What are the positive aspects of this economy?
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    Muhammad Yunus will visit the University of New Hampshire for « Social Business Innovation Challenge »

    Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, Muhammad Yunus, pioneer of the microfinance industry will speak at the University of New Hampshire next month.

    The campus located in Durham will host the microfinance and social business forum and the "Social Business Innovation Challenge."

    Muhammad Yunus, known especially for founding the Grameen Bank, will address a speech to all participants on the following topic : "Social Business – The New Kind of Capitalism That Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs".

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    07.31.13  | PIERRE-CHARLES

    Microfinance in Europe : A solution for the crisis ?

    In a debate organized by the Microfinance Club of Paris, supported by the Convergence Group, several speakers from microfinance sector tried to make an assessment of the current state of microfinance in Europe and to know if microfinance can provide a solution to the current economic crisis.

    Among the stakeholders :

  • Cyril Gouffièes - European Investment Fund (EIF)
  • Francesco Grieco - European Microfinance Network
  • Sébastien Poidatz - Expert in personal microcredit at The Caisse des Dépôts group

  • How is Microfinance in Europe ?

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    Apply for the 2013 UMM Awards !

    This year, two types of research will be rewarded :

  • UMM PhD Award : to recognize outstanding PhD papers in the field of financial inclusion.(Deadline for Submission: Septembre 20th, 2013). For more details : click here.
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    04.26.13  | Juliette

    Microinsurance Innovation facility is celebrating 5 years!

    Housed at the International Labour Organization's Social Finance Programme, the Microinsurance Innovation Facility seeks to increase the availability of quality insurance for the developing world's low-income families to help them guard against risk and overcome poverty.

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    04.25.13  | Juliette

    More poor people in France

    In a study conducted in 2010, the INSEE underlines rising inequalities in France.

    "Since the beginning of the 2008 crisis, the standard of living has increased for French located in the upper half of the income scale, while it decreased for others" says Jérôme Accardo, head of the consumer prices, households resources and living conditions department at INSEE.

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    04.02.13  | Web

    CERMi celebrated 5 years

    Professor Murdoch from University of New York together with Doctor Honoris Causa from the ULB discussed recent advances in the scientific research in microfinance and the contribution of CERMi (Centre for European Research in Microfinance) in these advances while Vijay Mahan Director of the Indian microfinance institution, BASIX, and chairman of the Executive Committee of the consortium CGAP donor gave the point of view of practitioners on research in microfinance.

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    04.02.13  | Juliette

    Sustainable development week

    This year, the week focuses on the energy transition, in line with the discussion carried by the department.

    The objective of this operation is to educate the French to issues of sustainable development. It is also to provide practical solutions and to encourage people to adopt more responsible behavior.

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    03.26.13  | Juliette

    French International Development Assistance

    The conferences on development

    During 4 months, the conferences on the development and of international solidarity reunited NGOs, firms, elected representatives,… to debate and clarify the French development policy. As a result of this event, a national committee of development and international solidarity will be created and a law promulgated in September of 2014. The speech of the French President, François Hollande, at the end of the conference, in March 2013 developed several objectives:

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